Day 1 Veracruz City tour

Arrival to the city of Veracruz and accommodation, transfer to the hotel by yourself. There will be a tour through the historical city center on the tourist trolley of Veracruz that will last 40 minutes, passing 21 points of the historic center of Veracruz to learn about the architecture, history and culture of the Veracruz port.

Day 2 Veracruz- Coatepec and Xico- Veracruz

We will depart to the state capital, visiting the Anthropology and History Museum. You will tour the “El Lencero” museum or Ex hacienda de Santa Anna. Afterwards we will go towards Coatepec (Magical Town) to visit the museum of coffee. Next, we will go to Xico (Magical Town). We will suggest a restaurant for you to eat. And last but not least we will visit the Texolo waterfall in Xico. Return to the Port of Veracruz.

Day 3 Veracruz- Córdoba and Orizaba- Veracruz

We start the tour by going to the central zone of Veracruz. Next, we will visit Amatlan de los Reyes where you will tour the ex-estate of Guadalupe. Afterwards we will head back to Orizaba; you will make a tour on the cable car and a visit to the historical center of Orizaba. Return to the Port of Veracruz.

Day 4 Veracruz-Tajín and Papantla- Veracruz

We will start the tour by going towards the northern part of the state, the archeological zone of Tajin, Nichos pyramid that is considered a civil calendar. We will suggest a restaurant for your meal. Next, we will go to the center of Papantla, birthplace of the Totonacapan, vanilla and the Flyers of Papantla, men that with their ritual they invoke the field activities and fertility. Return to the Port of Veracruz.

Day 5 Veracruz- Catemaco- Veracruz

We depart towards the south zone of the state, the Tuxtlas, appreciated by its ecosystems and pre-Hispanic remains. You will visit Santiago Tuxtla to see the biggest Olmec head found on the area. Afterwards we will go to San Andrés Tuxtla, you will tour a cigar Factory internationally renowned in the elaboration of cigars. Next, you will go to "El Salto de Eyiplantla", a 40-meter width waterfall and 50-meter height. Later, we will visit Catemaco, to tour through the lagoon and the lagoon islands, including the most famous, the “Isla de los Monos". Last but not least, we will visit the center of Catemaco, ideal for those people who believes in magic, esoterism, Santeria and alternative medicine. Return to the Port of Veracruz.

Day 6  Veracruz- Alvarado and Tlacotalpan- Veracruz

We depart towards Alvarado where you will have a panoramic tour of the port. Next, we will go to Tlacotalpan and will visit the San Cristóbal parish. Then we will tour the historical center of Tlacotalpan. We have a boat tour on the Papaloapan river. Last but not least, we will visit the House-Museum of Agustín Lara. We head back to the Port of Veracruz.

Day 7 Veracruz

Transfer to the airport or bus station by yourself.

End of Services.


  • 6 nights of accommodation in Veracruz in a 4 stars hotel.
  • Tour on the trolley in the city center of Veracruz.
  • Visit to Coatepec and Xico.
  • Visit to Córdoba and Orizaba.
  • Visit to Tajín and Papantla.
  • Visit to Catemaco.
  • Visit to Alvarado and Tlacotalpan.
  • Admissions to the visiting places.
  • Gondola lift tour through Orizaba.
  • Ground transportation.
  • Boat tour in Catemaco.
  • Boat tour in the Papaloapan river.
  • Guided tours.